Definitions for "Social worker"
A professional who is specially trained to help families cope with the emotional aspects of their baby's NICU stay. The social worker can help parents obtain the information they need from their baby's doctors, provide sources of information on specific medical problems, help parents deal with financial difficulties and stress, and make any special arrangements for the baby's discharge and follow-up care.
A mental health professional who holds a master of social work (M.S.W.) degree.
a person specially trained and licensed to help you with the various emotional, mental and financial stressors you may experience.
A person who works to make sure that a person is well cared for
a person educated and trained to do social work, direct or indirect social work. A person who is duly registered to practice social work in a province or territory or where mandatory registration does not exist, a person practising social work who voluntarily agrees to be subject to this Code.
an employee of the CPA firm, and a geriatric care manager is an independent contractor working for the CPA firm
someone employed to provide social services (especially to the disadvantaged)
a change agent, a helper who is specifically employed for the purpose of creating planned change
a person employed in the administration of charity, social service, welfare, and poverty agencies, advocacy, or religious outreach programs
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a civil servant
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a part of the Gabriel Park staff
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Study of the mind and mental processes using therapy as treatment with particular focus on social interactions and the ways actions influence others and vice versa; cannot prescribe medication.
an individual who specializes in drawing on community resources to benefit people facing a major life crisis
A person involved in the study of people's social interactions and employment background