Definitions for "Social Contract"
Within GNS theory, the sum of all interactions and relationships among members of the role-playing group. All role-playing is a subset of the Social Contract. This is similar to the earlier definition of Group Contract from rgfa.
A theory on how government and societies began. Contractarians hold that societies were formed by the consent of the populations of various areas who decided, for whatever reasons (these vary from philosopher to philosopher) that it would be to their mutual advantage to band together and cooperate.
The agreement of a group of people to establish social organizations and regulations for the preservation of basic freedoms and rights.
The interactions, emotional connections, logistic arrangements, and expectations among the members of a role-playing group, relative to the role-playing activity. It includes both verbalized and non-verbalized components of these things.
a contract among groups that encourgages or restrains certain behavior to allow the benefits of the group to manifest
( link / ) The unwritten (often implict, sometimes explicit) rules under which your group operates, covering everything from when and how often you game to how much out-of-character discussion is allowed at the table.