Definitions for "Snubber"
a series resistor-capacitor combination that absorbs a lot of theenergy when a contact opens
a sort of bungie cord that acts as a shock absorber
a special type of filter that blocks high frequency, high voltage transients that would not typically be handled by other means in the power conditioner
a length of surgical tubing with a coiled piece of heavy line inside and swivels attached to both ends
a length of surgical tubing with a swivel attached at both ends
An interlocking metal bracket attached at the center of the hinge side of a casement sash and frame with a call number height of 40" or more and both sides of an Awning sash and frame with a call number height of 48" or more. It pulls the sash tightly against the frame weather-strip to maximize performance.
a component fitted in a pressure system line to restrict the gas flow, typically to damp oscillations in pressure.
1. A device which is used to damp the motion of the valve stem. This is usually accomplished by an oil filled cylinder/piston assembly. The valve stem is attached to the piston and the flow of hydraulic fluid from one side of the piston to the other is restricted. 2. A mechanical or hydraulic device for restraining motion. 3. A device installed between an instrument and the process used to protect the instrument from rapid pressure fluctuations.
a device to reasonably control vibration, it uses downward pressure to add resistance against the wobbling tub
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A long rope used for towing a butty.
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Another term for a singulator.
Pricing mechanism used to establish upper or lower limits to movements of a price series, but it is seldom used today. The most common form was a butter–powder snubber calculated from wholesale market values less a make allowance.
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A spring-like device fastened between the top of a door and the door jamb to pull the door shut.
an orifice installed in piping between the transducer and the source of the spike