Definitions for "Snorkel"
A mast designed to bring air into the submarine so that the air-breathing diesel generator can use it for combustion when the reactor is scrammed.
Sheaffer's pen with a extending tube for clean filling (see Profile)
A hollow tube swimmers or divers can breathe through when they are close to the surface
a brand name of articulating boom with a platform
Keywords:  straw, glorified
a glorified straw
Keywords:  dive
dive with a snorkel
Keywords:  bonnet, dust, sand, intake, raises
moves the engine air intake to outside the bonnet and raises it above likely levels of dust, sand and water.
Keywords:  mask, bring, equipment, start, followed
a good start if you are planning to bring your own equipment, followed closely by a mask
Keywords:  hose, short, ended, open
a short open ended hose