Definitions for "Sniping"
Keywords:  outbid, auction, abide, ebay, bid
Bidding in the closing minutes or seconds of an auction to outbid other buyers.
Placing a bid in the remaining minutes or seconds of an auction in order to outbid other buyers.
Bidding at the last moment before an auction closes, in hopes of getting the item at a cheap price.
Reworking an abandoned claim, practiced by the Chinese miners, who often found more gold than the original miners.
In miner's jargon, this word meant the act of prospecting and re-working old claims, dumps, and other sites that have been abandoned. It also refers to cleaning out bedrock cracks.
Keywords:  thumbstick, regal, scare, rifle, hat
This a manually aimed sniping mode which is only available on sniper rifle equipped VTs ( Scare Face, Scare Face A1, Scare Face II and Regal Dress N. With a sniper rifle selected, the F1 button is pressed to enable the zoomed view. The AIMING LOCK is disabled in this mode. Aiming is accomplished via the VIEW HAT thumbstick on the ROTATION LEVER.
Picking off players and bots at long range with a powerful weapon.
Sniping, in computer gaming, especially FPS multiplayer games, is the tactic of using a very accurate, powerful weapon (often with a scope target magnification function) to kill other players or other targets.
The act of pasting up outdoor posters over billboards or on empty structures, walls, and traffic poles, often without permission.
Military shooting at specific enemy personnel at long range, typically 400-1000 meters. The term is commonly misused in the US media.
Tagging of out-of-home advertising. Usually consists of a sticker with the sponsoring organization's tag and is placed directly on the ad, sometimes to cover up an existing tag.