Definitions for "Sneeze"
To emit air, chiefly through the nose, audibly and violently, by a kind of involuntary convulsive force, occasioned by irritation of the inner membrane of the nose.
A sudden and violent ejection of air with an audible sound, chiefly through the nose.
To exhale breath from the nose and mouth in a sudden, involuntary action as a result of irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose.
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an ordinary thing, we do it all the time - but this time, it lasted for over half an hour
Sneeze is a music group from Sydney, Australia consisting primarily of Nic Dalton (who also runs the band's record label, Half A Cow), Tom Morgan from Smudge and drummer Simon Gibson from Half Miler. Their recordings have featured a range of guest artists including Robyn St. Clair of The Hummingbirds and Bernie Hayes.
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sniff snore
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Sneeze or 41 Songs In 47 Minutes (HAC50) as it is also known, is the first album by Australian band Sneeze. On the cover, tracks 1, 22-41 are marked as "bonus tracks" - the rest were initially released as a double 7 inch vinyl (Moo 08). Total running time of the album is 47 minutes, the track Demand is the shortest song at 18 seconds, Back Down the longest at 1:58.
To fire all remaining warheads (see "Alpha Strike").
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a blast of air that comes from your lungs and it is one of the ways your body protects
a big signal for me to pay immediate attention to whatever is being said (or thought)
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a major event