Definitions for "Smoking"
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The inhalation of smoke from burning leaves, usually of the tobacco plant. Taxing this activity earns governments billions. Reduces immunity and slows the rate of healing of piercings. Not recommended
Chinese smoke fish, poultry, and tobacco, but not much meat. In smoking, foods are pre-cooked and then cured in smoke from burning wood or peanut shells.
The process of drying meat in the heat of a smoky fire. Green hardwood such as hickory, placed on a bed of coals provided the smoke.
People who smoke one or more cigarette a day are considered daily smokers. Smokers include people who smoke every day and occasional smokers as well. Back
Individuals are considered to be smokers if they regularly smoke at least one cigarette per day.
cigarette smoking can influence the absorption of alcohol in the body and therefore affect the validity of attempts at retrograde extrapolation.
a hot vapor containing fine particles of carbon being produced by combustion; "the fire produced a tower of black smoke that could be seen for miles"
To inhale and exhale the smoke produced by the combustion of a substance.
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an obsession with me
refers to the greying or discoloration of a glaze, caused by underfiring.
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an age old way of life
Caution, smoking can be hazadardous to your slot car motor. However, it is also a term used to imply that your car was moving way fast.
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emitting smoke in great volume; "a smoking fireplace"
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a female performer smoking during a scene.
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looking someone over
a. & n. from Smoke.