Definitions for "SMI "
New Zealand Self-Medication Industry Association.
Supplementary Medical Insurance
Supplemental Medical Insurance. Also called Part B of Medicare. It covers basic medical expenses, and is paid jointly by the government and the insured.
Seriously mentally ill persons - Sometimes used to describe adults with serious and persistent mental illnesses. Another term often used is individuals with psychiatric disabilities.
Severely Mentally Ill
Severe Mental Impairment. See Severe Multiple Impairment.
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Swiss Market Index. A share index which encompasses the market capitalisation of the 28 biggest quoted Swiss companies (Blue Chips). The SMI, nicknamed "Smiley" represents 80 per cent of the SPI market value . The shares included in the SMI generate about 90 per cent of domestic share turnover at the SWX Swiss Exchange.
"Swiss Market Index", index for Swiss shares initially established to cover 22 Swiss blue chips on the basis of 1500 points on 30 June 1988 (see detailed text in LBGB-Nikkei 225 prospectus/regulations).
The Swiss Market Index, representing the 27 most actively traded Swiss shares.
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SMI is a complete free solution to manage services and technical support to customers with frontoffice and backoffice modules.
Abbreviation at HIC for Standard Manufacturing Instruction manua for different types of machines
Security Management Infrastructure
Scottish Mutual International
Strategic Media International
Surface Mount International: trade publication in electronics.
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Sustained maximal inspiration. Technique utilized to increase the inhaled volume; sustain, or improve alveolar inflation; maintain or restore functional residual capacity. Pt inspires slowly thru nose or pursed lips to maximal inspiration. Hold for 3 sec & exhale volume passively
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Suzuki Motorcycles India
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RealPlay SMIL File
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Society for Musicology in Ireland
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Stibnite Mine Incorporated
Statewide microenterprise intermediary. See "Statewide Enterprise Intermediary."
School Meals Initiative. The review process for determining a schoolâ€(tm)s compliance with nutritional guidance for school meals.
Safe Motherhood Initiative
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See: sperm microinjection
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State Median Income.
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small intestine
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Short Message Identifier