Definitions for "SMC"
Small Magellanic Cloud. An irregular satellite galaxy of the Milky Way galaxy, orbiting at a distance of 65 kiloparsecs (kpc). The SMC is small next to our galaxy, having a mass of only two billion solar masses, compared to the 200 billion solar masses of the Milky Way. A gaseous umbilical cord of neutral hydrogen, or H I, connects both the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) to our Milky Way. Both the LMC and SMC are visible only in the Southern Hemisphere.
Small Magellanic Cloud. this is a small galaxy that orbits our Milky Way galaxy. Along with the Large Magellenic Cloud, it is our closest neighbor
Subminiature coaxial connector with screw type coupling mechanism. Frequency range DC-10§×.
Subminiature C connector.
The SMC connector holds multiple fibers in an MT ferrule. The SMC has been submitted for review as an industry standard connector. SMC connectors easily terminate buffered or non-buffered ribbon fiber. A variety of connector configurations exist, depending on the needs of the application. For instance, the SMC has three different body lengths available, depending on size considerations. The plastic moulded body uses side-mounted locking clips to hold the connector in place.
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Suzuki Motor Corp
Suzuki Motor Corporation
Sheet Molded Compound, fiber reinforced plastic material
Sheet Molding Compounds
Sheet Molding Compound: A process to form a composite with sheet layers made of reinforcing fibers and resins (thermo-plastics or thermo-setting) in a hot-press.
Surgical Management Committee
Stakeholder Management and Communication Workstream
Solaris Management Console
Scoutmasters' Council. ASM's meet the second or third Wednesday of alternating months and the second Monday in June.
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Sequential Monte Carlo
Maitland FL based non-profit organization dedicated to Manatee conservation.
Space and Missile Systems Command
Space and Missile Center
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San Miguel Corporation
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Sudanese Media Center
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Seattle Municipal Code
identifies name of county surveyor; middle abbreviation matches name of county. In this instance SMC could be Surveyor Madison County.
Scottish Medicines Consortium
Salmaniya Medical Complex
Statistical Mechanics and Complexity
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St. Mary's College
Single Member Constituencies
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Surface mount component.
Specific Manufacturing Capability