Definitions for "SMARTPHONE"
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Mobile phone that includes personal digital assistant facilities
Smartphones integrate PDA-type functionality into a voice-centric handset comparable in size to today's mobile phones. Smartphones give you a choice to communicate via voice or text along with the ability to access information and services (mobile internet browing) so you can stay in touch while on the go. Smartphones are also capable of PC synching so that they can offer their users the ability to access applications such as MS Outlook.
a term typically used to describe a next-generation device that combines the functionality of a mobile phone with the enhanced features found in a PDA. Functions such as calendar, telephone book, e-mail, to-do lists, spreadsheets, word processors, and wireless Internet access are typical.
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Smartphones Smartrip
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a cellphone that runs a customised, specific version of the Microsoft Windows CE operating system
a shareware that can record your phonecalls that answered of unanswered to windows wave files into your harddisk
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SME smiley
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SAZ program to change mail into call addresses
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a true winner
a multimedia device optimized to receive live digital TV broadcasts on the move