Definitions for "SLR"
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When refering to a camera, this means Single Lens Reflex. These are the more fancy cameras where often the lens can taken off the body of the camera and exchanged for another lens. The basic thing is that the use a mirror inside the camera which either reflects the image caught by the lens to the viewer of the camera, or to the film in the camera when shooting a picture. This way the end result will be a picture matching exactly what you saw in the viewer/finder of the camera.
Acronym for Single Lens Reflex, a type of camera that enables the photographer to see the scene through the lens that takes the picture. A reflex mirror reflects the scene through the viewfinder. The mirror retracts when the shutter-release button is pressed.
Single Lens Reflex camera. One lens acts as both viewing and taking lens.
straight leg raise. technique for measuring sciatic nerve mobility and/or hamstring length.
Straight leg raising. A procedure of stretching the sciatic nerve to see if radicular symptomatology is reproduced. Each hip is alternately flexed with the knee extended; the extent to which each leg can be lifted is noted. Reproduction of the patient's sciatica when the "unaffected" leg is lifted is evidence of a positive "crossed" straight leg raising test.
Straight Leg Raise. Measuring sciatic nerve status.
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Self Loading Rifles
Self Loading Rifle
Simple LR. A class of grammars with less descriptive power than LALR grammars. Also a state type in which the parser generator can resolve inconsistencies by looking at the FIRST and FOLLOW sets, rather than the LALR(1) lookahead sets. See books on compiler theory for more information.
side-looking radar
Statutory Liquidity Ratio
Statutory Liquidity Requirement
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Satellite Laser Ranging station.
Satellite Laser Ranging ‰q¯ƒŒ[ƒU
Service/Light Industrial/Residential District in SoMa
Service Level Requirements – expressed by the customer, inputs into negotiations towards SLA
Service Level Requirement
Service Level Reporter. A program which produces reports on CICS performance and service levels.
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Service Location Register