Definitions for "Slot"
The deep trough of a stopper at the point at which the downstream flow meets the upstream moving back tow.
To leave a checker open, with the intention of trying to cover it and to score a point.
To move a single checker to an unoccupied point with the intention of making the point in the future
hardware: The place you plug a card into inside the computer. Usually there's a long thin connector with numerous metal contacts that match traces on the edge of the card. Different Macs take different types of cards, so be careful.
a numbered division of a computer in which a printed circuit card is located.
A connector position in a shelf. A shelf has 17 front slots, of which 16 are used for MSU3 cards. There are also 17 slots available on the backplane, of which 16 are dedicated to LICs, and one dedicated to the timing interface (TIF) card.
A single space within an Arsenal which can be "filled" with a Maneuver.
Slot refers to a unit of space in a containership which is generally built with cells fixed with vertical guide rails to facilitate loading and unloading and ensure safe storage. One slot equals one teu of capacity.
a position in a hierarchy or organization; "Bob Dylan occupied the top slot for several weeks"; "she beat some tough competition for the number one slot"
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A broad, flat, wooden bar; a slat or sloat.
a through-deck opening or passage formed by the gap between a slat and the leading edge of the ram wing, altering air flow; sometimes a "deck vent."
A gap in the offensive line between a receiver and a tackle.
This is the particular longitudinal position (typically 2 to 3 degrees apart for above the US) in the geosynchronous orbit into which a satellite is permanently located. See orbital slot.
A user-defined slot consisting of a name (first position) and a filler (second position). For example: slot Indcolor/Ind Indblue/Ind /slot Attributes: @weight, @card, @minCard or @maxCard (depending on context)(See: slot module
(slang) favorable position [in the slot = onside
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The area directly in front of the net, from the crease to the top of the face-off circles.
The prime scoring area up the middle of the ice, between the face-off circles. When you "clear the slot," you shove an opposing player out of the area in front of your goal.
a specific area within a zone for a specific item or SKU
A cutout in the manufacture of a corrugated container usually on top and bottom, which is used to form the flaps of the container.
A wide cut, or pair of closely spaced parallel cuts including removal of a narrow strip of material made in a fiberboard sheet, usually to form flaps and permit folding without bulges caused by the thickness of the material. Common widths are 1/4 in. (6 mm) and 3/8 in. (9mm.)
The wide cut made to a fiberboard sheet to form flaps and allow folding.
Slots are abstract objects similar to data storage boxes. These boxes can contain data of several types. Boolean, byte, DateTime (date and time), double, float, long, short and string.
In CLIPS] named fields that store data values within a deftemplate. A slot is a named single-slot or multislot. A single-slot or simply slot contains exactly one field while a multislot contains zero or more fields.
a field or argument of a head, which can contain data. Slots on concepts are relations (between the head and the data that fills the slot) or attributes of the head.
A time allocated by ATC within which a flight must take off, land, or pass a certain point (– Waypoint, reporting point). Slot allocation is a key tool for managing traffic flows and enhancing the punctuality of flights. (– CFMU)
an authorization to take off or land at a designated airport within a specified time period
a scheduled time of arrival or departure available or allocated to a particular airline on a specific date at an airport
(Specific term used in the context of the Protégé ontology editor) An attribute of a class in an ontology. A slot may be simple metadata (e.g. a name) or may express a relation with an other ontology class.
A property in an ontology that can refer to other terms or frames.
a slot machine that is used for gambling; "they spend hours and hours just playing the slots"
A five-hour time period (four hours of play and 1 hour for initial game preparation, break during play and final paperwork) an RPGA adventure is to be run in. Often events, conventions or game days have multiple slots.
A "slot" in gambling terminology is either a shortened version of the term "slot machine", or refers to an antique slot machine, as in an "antique slot".
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v. 1) Mild curse word (i.e. "Slot THIS, chummer!"). 2) To plug a moddy or daddy into a DNI. 3) To have sex.
(computer) a socket in a microcomputer that will accept a plug-in circuit board; "the PC had three slots for additional memory"
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The track of a deer; hence, a track of any kind.
the trail of an animal (especially a deer); "he followed the deer's slot over the soft turf to the edge of the trees"
A narrow depression, perforation, or aperture; esp., one for the reception of a piece fitting or sliding in it.
A long, narrow connector inside the Apple IIgs that lets you connect a printer and other devices to the computer.
narrow, long opening n baffle; height of opening can either be fixed or adjustable.
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The area between a split end and the offensive line. If a wide reciever (flanker) is lined up in the slot at the snap of the ball, he may be called the slot reciever
The area between a split end and the offensive line. A pass receiver lined up in the slot at the snap of the ball may be called a slotback or slot receiver.
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Where the head of the copy desk sits.
One of the people on the copy desk who checks over the copy editors' work before committing it to type. Also used as a verb: "Hey, Terry, slot me on this, will you?"
An area cleared of trees on a tree-covered mountain or ridge, allowing gliders to launch.
Submarine-Launched One-Way Transmitter
an opening made in the material of the pipe body itself, in effect reducing its functioning length as a resonating space for the sound wave, thus making the pitch higher
Body-sized fissure, sometimes poised over very large pitch, when highly inconvenient.
In slotted dances, the slot is an imaginary narrow rectangle along which the follower moves back and forth with respect to the leader, who is more or less stationary. The as a rule, the leader mostly stays in the slot as well, leaving it only to give way for the follower to pass him. The leader almost never makes the follower to circle around when passing by. They may go into a common rotational figure when the follower happens to come close, but such figures are usually in a tight position and do not change the overall "slotted" appearance.
An area just behind the wide receiver and the tight end where the running back lines up designed to isolate the running back against a slower defender.
a callback for a signal
a function that is called in reponse to a particular signal
a member function that is specially designated for connection to a signal at runtime
a little bulky, which can be annoying at times
Time given to you to audition. The days auditioners are given these to break up the people from being there all at the same time.
a memory location in the command station that holds an active decoder address.
One of the 16 key storage locations within a node. Keys exist only in slots. All slots contain keys, which may be null (zero data) keys.
A numbered location within a distribution center that indicates the location of products for storage, retrieval and inventory control. See warehouse slot.
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a connection to a server, somewhat like a virtual console
In the IBM Tivoli Enterprise Console product, obsolete term for attribute.
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The opening between the jib and the mainsail. Wind passing through this opening increases the pressure difference across the sides of the mainsail, helping to move the boat forward.
a time assigned on a schedule or agenda; "the TV program has a new time slot"; "an aircraft landing slot"
assign a time slot; "slot a television programs"
a time to take-off or to land an aircraft
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A bolt or bar for fastening a door.
To shut with violence; to slam; as, to slot a door.
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An easy-scoring lane condition in which the ball is forced to travel in a certain direction due to the way the oil is applied.
Term for a very easy lane condition.
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a hole in a conductor --- but since the entire chip has an edge seal
a "hole" in a conductor that has a maximum area and/or size that is less than the width of the surrounding conductor
An elongated hole.
a section of a macro that the template author expects to be overridden by another template
Equivalent to instance_variable.
a location inside an instance used to store the value of a variable property
A unit of local storage available within an instance or a class, which is used to store state in the instance or class.
To Shoot somebody (UK Slang)
Slang; To neutralise the opposition. See "Bump".
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Not a computer word. I use this to describe a white space for one line of text in a dialogue box. There are also slots inside the computer, where strange devices are seated by those who know how.
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The time available for a TV program; for example, "NBC's 8 P.M. slot is weak because the ratings are dropping."
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a cut into the material normally made by a milling tool or the combination of a drill and a mill/router type tool
an opening cut in the side of the
A cut made in a material of a specific size and location. May have the face material removed when used to feed through imprinters.
a placeholder for the different parts of a sentence associated with a word
a callable object that can be connected to a signal
an object which looks and feels like a function, but is actually an object
A place for a child in a child care program.
"In the slot". Surfing in just the right place on the shoulder.
a specification in the source code which signifies that separately compiled source code may be associated with that place
A term often used to describe an electronic video lottery terminal.
The following types of slots are typical for nuts: Bearing Surface Radial Slots Horizontal Slots on the OD Top Radial Slots Vertical Slots on the OD
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a small slit (as for inserting a coin or depositing mail); "he put a quarter in the slot"
a basic unit for virtual memory maintenance within the Windows CE kernel
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The number of a back-up or neighborhood.
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Originally, a slot car had the slot in the bottom of the car and the car followed a rail. Later, this system was modified by placing the slot in the track and installing a guide on the car to fit down into the slot.
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a property and works just like a variable that renders the value you assign to it in the ASP file
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an element of a row, dedicated to hold a specific piece of information
a "processing element"
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a given campaign fund and a unit is the price per share for that campaign
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a mapping from
Keywords:  label, string, pair, field, feature
a pair consisting of a label (or feature name or field name) and a feature value (that can be a feature term, a string, a number or an identifier)
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A term used to refer to an individual entry. If you are entered in three events, you are said to have three "slots."
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a unique identifier
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an independent problem, caused some other way
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A common name for a video gaming device.
a receiving function, used to get information about
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A unit of file transfer. Each file being transferred in DC++ uses up one slot.