Definitions for "Slogan"
Keywords:  memorable, motto, catchy, cry, phrase
The war cry, or gathering word, of a Highland clan in Scotland.
A distinctive motto, phrase, or cry used by any person or party to express a purpose or ideal; a catchphrase; a rallying cry.
A memorable phrase that says something positive about the business.
a favorite saying of a sect or political group
a concise and clear formulation of the aims of the struggle, near or remote, given by the leading group, let us say, of the proletariat, by its party
a few words
Keywords:  ambassador, valuable
a valuable ambassador
Keywords:  daily, guiding, turn, maxim, good
"Do a good turn daily."
"Do a good deed daily"
Do a Good Turn Daily.” A guiding principle for members.
Keywords:  overarching, theme, fits, message
an overarching theme in which the message fits
a marketing tool to succinctly give your brand some definition
Line of copy which encapsulates the campaign strategy