Definitions for "Slider"
a fast pitch that breaks slightly just in front of the batter, in the same direction as a curve ball (i. e. , away from the side from which it was thrown).
a fastball that curves slightly away from the side from which it was thrown
an off-speed pitch, a power breaking ball
An athlete who takes part in bobsled, luge, or skeleton sledding, which are collectively known as "sliding sports."
someone who races the luge
A term for an athlete who participates in sliding sports like skeleton, bobsleigh and luge.
a flat breaking ball, going side to side and at times may have a slight down ward angle
A coin appearing to be uncirculated but will have a little rub or slight circulation.
A coin with very slight traces of wear, such that it almost passes for an uncirculated specimen
Control that lets you set a value on a continuous range of possible values.
A standard Windows control that displays and sets a value from a continuous range of possible values, such as brightness or volume.
A control that graphically represents a range of values and allows the user to set the values with a slider indicator.
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Horizontal bar mounted on the bell cage directly beneath a bell so as to pivot slightly. It serves as a stopper when a stay contacts it upon a bell's reaching an inverted position. Only bells used in English change ringing have need for this device because of the full circle of stroke. (See Stay.)
n. a tumbler which is normally flat, has a gate and moves with a linear or lateral motion instead of pivoting like a lever tumbler
the position indicator on a slide bar. You can drag the slider along the slide bar to change the selected thumbnail.
any of several North American freshwater turtles of the genus Chrysemis; some, such as C. scripta are sold commercially as pets.
freshwater turtle of United States and South America; frequently raised commercially; some young sold as pets
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A slippery device that is worn on the sliding foot during the delivery of a stone. Usually teflon,plastic or stainless steel.
The smooth piece of footwear on the sliding foot that allows for a long, smooth delivery.
The apparatus attached to the sliding foot. The slider helps the curler complete a smooth delivery of the stone and also helps the sweepers make their way down the rink with more speed and agility.
a device in which the wakeboarder jumps/slides on, while being towed behind a boat, and then lands back in the water, somewhat like a piece to an obstacle course
A long rail made of metal, PVC, or wood used as an object to slide by a wakeboarder or wakeskater.
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a soft plastic swimbait that has a hollow inner chamber
a solid performer in the small swimbait category with a nice range of colors, sizes and weighting options
Mac OS X Finder style column view file explorer for Microsoft Windows XP.
Window with sash moving horizontally instead of vertically.
A window that opens by sliding horizontally
a separate, usually molded, plastic piece that fits over and around the edge of the panes forming the bag opening so that it can slide along the strip
a tiny hamburger, usually griddle-cooked with lots of onions
This constraint looks a lot like a rope, but it allows any object on it to slide freely along the rope.
A knot whose position is determined by the shape of a line. Sliders are white, whereas other knots are gray.
In cricket, a slider is a type of delivery bowled by a wrist spin bowler. Whereas a topspinner is released with the thumb facing the batsman, a slider is bowled with the thumb facing 180 degrees away from the bowler . On release the wrist and ring finger work to impart backspin on the ball.
The red-bellied terrapin (Pseudemys rugosa).
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a Widget which can be used to give e
a slang term given by experienced mountaineers, back-country snowboarders, skiers and ice-climbers, for an avalanche
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A new type of popup Adware that is slightly less obtrusive because of the way it slides onto the users web browser.
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See Slidder.
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This is a long wooden slat which has holes in it that correspond to a rows of holes in the top of the wind chest. It is used in a slider wind chest (see the next term).
A sliding french patio door. Designed as a replacement for standard sliding aluminum patio doors in many post World War II homes, these are wooden french doors in a frame that slide past one another, instead of swinging, which saves space inside the home. A sliding wood screen is standard.
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a kind of scrollbar
Usually found on an EQ of a soundboard. These turn things up or down by a "sliding" movement rather than the rotary movement employed by knobs.
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a trailer with a rear axle set that may be moved forward to the rear of the trailer to adjust the turning radius or weight balance for the type of load being hauled.
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a very small, very thin (millimeters thick) burger
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A type of float fishing
A float fishing style
Keywords:  chord, truss, lumber, heel, reinforce
Two inch dimension lumber inserted between the top and bottom chords at the heel joint in the plane of the truss to reinforce the top or bottom chord.
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A puzzle found in some games that shows a picture that has been cut into squares (or 'tiles'), and then the squares are mixed up. It always has one blank space so that you can slide the tiles around until you re-create the original picture. Back to the Index of Terms
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A low shot that takes erratic bounces.
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Telescopic pipe.
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a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction
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A micro-fabricated part of the magnetic drive that carries read/write elements. See also Air-bearing slider
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a button too
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General term for a structure placed in the water that a rider ''slides'' upon above the water.
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a single metal part with two loops
One who, or that which, slides; especially, a sliding part of an instrument or machine.
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slider is a slide show generation program.