Definitions for "Slender"
Small or narrow in proportion to the length or the height; not thick; slim; as, a slender stem or stalk of a plant.
Weak; feeble; not strong; slight; as, slender hope; a slender constitution.
Moderate; trivial; inconsiderable; slight; as, a man of slender intelligence.
Keywords:  abstemious, frugal, spare, diet
Spare; abstemious; frugal; as, a slender diet.
Small; inadequate; meager; pitiful; as, slender means of support; a slender pittance.
Keywords:  gracefully, ease, bending, moving
gracefully slender; moving and bending with ease
Keywords:  uttered, vowels, thin, broad, tone
Uttered with a thin tone; -- the opposite of broad; as, the slender vowels long e and i.
very narrow; "a thin line across the page"