Definitions for "Sleeve"
Keywords:  oarlock, oar, spotter, jacket, barbell
A double tube of copper, in section like the figure 8, into which the ends of bare wires are pushed so that when the tube is twisted an electrical connection is made. The joint thus made is called a McIntire joint.
a tube of material that suspends the prosthesis, by sticking to the socket and thigh
The plastic jacket on the shaft of the oar upon which is mounted a button, used to secure the blade to the oarlock.
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The part of a garment which covers the arm; as, the sleeve of a coat or a gown.
CD/DVD packaging option, can be made of paper, tyvek, vinyl or cardboard
A section of material along a flags hoist through which a staff may be inserted to carry it.
a seamless cylindrical plate used to print intaglio stamps on a rotary press.
(1) A seamless cylindrical printing plate used in rotary intaglio printing. (2) A flat transparent holder, often specifically for protecting and storing a cover.
The internal cylindrical part that houses the piston in a nitro engine.
Keywords:  liner, bore, barrel, crankcase, annulus
A Liner, generally metallic, used to create an annulus for or around the penetrants. May be placed into concrete as it is poured or may be placed around a penetrant and inserted into a wall as it is erected.
A replaceable cylinder that can be removed from the block. Sleeves are never bored out. Tractors were commonly made with sleeved engines. Contrast this with most automobiles where the block and cylinders are integral. Sleeves are sealed at the top and bottom since coolant circulates by their sides but the top and bottom are open to the combustion chamber and crankcase respectively.
Covering over the terminal barrel can be insulated or metallic.
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A short piece of pipe used for covering a joint, or forming a joint between the ends of two other pipes.
Pipe which is passed through a wall for the purpose of inserting another pipe through it.
A piece of pipe installed under paved areas to accommodate irrigation system pipe and wiring and used for ease of replacing equipment.
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One of the two end portions of the bar, where the weights are attached.
An attachment for a PDA which allows you to use items like network or modem cards, PCMCIA or CF cards, digital cameras, a GPS/GPRS phone, or an extra battery pack with a PDA.
an attachment which wraps around a PDA that adds many different functions to your PDA
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See Sleave, untwisted thread.
Keywords:  thimble, nave, bushing, wheel, long
A long bushing or thimble, as in the nave of a wheel.
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Packaging which slides on a product like a sleeve, usually paper or thin poly.
Package of three to four golf balls. Buy a sleeve of balls when looking for a ball that you prefer, rather than buying a box of twelve balls.
A tubular part made to cover, sustain, or steady another part, or to form a connection between two parts.
The grounded part of a phone plug.
The third contacting part of a telephone plug, preceded in the location by the tip, and ring.
A type of journal bearing in centrifugal air compressors. ( 020)
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a polygon whose dual tree is a chain
Keywords:  furnish, coat
To furnish with sleeves; to put sleeves into; as, to sleeve a coat.
Keywords:  conduit, floor, cables, section, wall
A short section of conduit, either metallic or non-metallic, lining an opening in the wall or floor for cables to pass through.
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a fast and easy way to install a new stereo and but it is not a sign that the rest of the installation job was done with care or thought
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A narrow channel of water.
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small case into which an object fits