Definitions for "Slats"
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Flat strips used in the shutters of roll-up doors.
A wooden board used as the bottom structure to support box spring units within their frames. Also used in complete beds with wood rails and in bunk beds to support the mattress in place of a box spring.
Made from wood, aluminum, pvc, etc., slats are the thin strips that compose the blind.
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Slats are used on the leading edge of a wing to improve lift. They help the formation of a smooth boundary layer over the leading edge allowing the wing to operate at a higher angle of attack before seperation occurs. See also: Flaps.
Special surfaces attached to or actually part of the leading edge of the wing. During takeoff and landing, they are extended to produce extra lift.
Leading edge devices usually found on airliners and some fighter jets used to increase leading edge area thus increasing total lift. Normally used in conjunction with flaps for takeoff and landing. Report this Word Added by: Sportflyr
The small solid hardwood pieces which form Mosaic Parquet Squares.
The small solid hardwood pieces that form Mosaic Parquet Squares.
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See Fillets.
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A common shape of adhesive.