Definitions for "Slashing"
Swinging the stick at an opponent, regardless of whether contact is made (2,5 and GM).
When a player swings the stick at an opponent. Slashing merits a penalty, whether contact is made or not. Tapping an opponent's stick not slashing.
as if striking with slashing blows; "his slashing demon-ridden cadenza"
In forestry, cutting back the less tough, competing vegetation, for example, ground cover like bracken. A form of clearing.
The cutting and piling of small diameter young trees or brush.
These are the knife cuts you make in the top of a loaf of bread before baking. Making the cuts is more than being artistic or decorative. The slashing allows the carbon dioxide produced during the baking process to escape without the loaf bursting in many places. (see flying crust, see scoring)
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The method of applying size to a width of warp yarns on a continuous basis.
the application by a slasher of starch or size to a sheet of warp yarn produced in the warping process to protect the warp yarn during the weaving process.
One chop with the non-whistle hand across the straightened forearm of the other hand.
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what your TA does with your rough draft.