Definitions for "slap "
Keywords:  smack, palm, punch, fluttery, plastery
A blow, esp. one given with the open hand, or with something broad.
To strike with the open hand, or with something broad.
With a sudden and violent blow; hence, quickly; instantly; directly.
An un-controlled dynamic move. Usually done in desperation when pumped in the vain hope that the next hold is a Jug.
Desperate grab for a handhold. Good climbers don't seem to do it when you watch them, but admit to it afterwards.
A joint effort of Jobs With Justice (JWJ) and the United States Students Association (USSA), SLAP is a DC-based organization of student groups similar to USAS, but focuses more on connecting student activists with local labor unions.
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slap prints text labels on Seiko Instruments' range of Smart Label Printers . It is distributed with several bitmap fonts in several sizes. Also provided are printer-interface scripts for the common UNIX print-spoolers. slap is available for all UNIX and POSIX.1 systems.
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saboted light armor penetrating
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St. Lawrence Action Plan
Keywords:  ran, bang, pole, directly, her
directly; "he ran bang into the pole"; "ran slap into her"
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sleep slide
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"To have a slap" - to make an attempt.
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a good or bad event