Definitions for "SLA"
sales contract acronym... ervice evel greement... a sales contract's clause that defines a guaranteed level of service and any penalties or adjustments should the level of guaranteed service not be met by the providing organization... generally used to make the customer more confident about the purchase.
Service Level Agreement. 1. An agreement among two or more parties that establishes measurable levels of service and expectations for that service. 2. (IRM) An agreement between end users and the help desk defining the boundaries of acceptable service and details the associated fees for help desk services rendered. The SLA defines users expectations and serves as a guidepost for establishing and measuring performance goals.
SLA refers to Service Level Agreement. Most web hosting companies have a SLA stating their uptime and downtime policies. For example, a good SLA should specify that the host will ensure a uptime of above 99.0%. In addition, it should have also clearly state the compensation available to clients if the service level falls below the SLA figures. Back to up
Sierra Leone Army
Southern Lebanon Army
Sudan Liberation Army/Movement, one of two principal rebel groups fighting the Government of Sudan in Darfur
See Stereolithography Apparatus
Stereolithography A method of photocuring a resin with a laser to produce a 3d geometry. One of the most commonly used RP techniques, developed by 3D Systems.
Semiconductor laser amplifier.
Scottish Library Association. Now the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland.
Special Libraries Association A national association of librarians who work in special libraries. There are two chapters in Connecticut: Fairfield County and Connecticut Valley. Sponsors meetings, workshops, and an annual conference. ( LINK)
School Library Association
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pecial ibraries ssociation
Population and related socio-economic statistics are gathered by collection districts, aggregated to SLAs and in turn these are aggregated to statistical divisions, and then to States and Territories. SLAs are roughly equivalent to administrative shires, and often follow the same boundaries. There has been substantial re-alignment of SLA boundaries in recent years, particularly in Victoria which has made analysis of spatially dispersed data (such as agricultural statistics) difficult to compare across years.
Special Landscape Area. County and District level designations for locally important landscapes.
SPECIAL LANDSCAPE AREA. areas of countywide landscape significance, defined in the Kent Structure Plan and Kent Countryside Plan. There are three SLA's in the District (1) North Kent Marshes, (2) North Downs and (3) Blean Woods.
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Sclérose Latérale Amyotrophique
Please see Stereolithographic Anatomical Modeling.
Measure used assess the voice quality, e.g. latency, packet lost
Submit late assessment. Used when an extension to the submission deadline has been agreed, and in conjunction with the date by which this assessment must be submitted.
Short-Long Arm suspension. This is the common type of a-arm where the upper arm is shorter than the lower arm, rather than being the same length. This provides negative camber gain on compression.
Supported Living Arrangement. A group residence where an individual lives with minimum supervision from paid staff members. Residents are expected to self-administer medications, to demonstrate basic social and daily living skills, to function independently in the community and work or attend a day program.
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Sealed lead acid
State Lead Agency
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Second Language Acquisition
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Server Log File Analyzer
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small light aircraft
Structured Learning Assistance
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Student Loans Agency
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