Definitions for "Skimming"
Skimming involves the unauthorised copying of electronic data from credit or debit cards. Although it is often done by dishonest shop assistants, in recent years has involved more sophistocated electronic devices. This can include stealing credit card data by swiping the card through a machine (which may be concealed within a valid ATM) that reads information on the magnetic strip. These details are then used to make counterfeit cards, which are often sold on.
The most prevalent form of counterfeit fraud whereby a genuine card's magnetic stripe details are electronically copied and put onto another card.
Skimming happens when someone, often a retail store employee, uses his or her own electronic device to swipe your card and gather its account information. This sometimes happens when the employee is already holding your card during a purchase at a register.
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3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 10 To examine or read something quickly, but selectively, for a particular purpose.
reading fast to get the main idea
Reading a text quickly in order to get the main idea or to find particular examples, incidents, quotes or other information.
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That which is skimmed from the surface of a liquid; -- chiefly used in the plural; as, the skimmings of broth.
Using a machine to remove oil or scum from the surface of the water.
Procedure for cleaning the surface of the water in a boiler. This procedure should be done on all new boiler installations, and when there is a foaming condition.
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(see also "Cherry Picking"): A practice, usually in a prospective payment system, by which a health plan attempts to enroll (by selection, policy, or other practices) only the most healthy subscribers and to systematically exclude less healthy individuals at higher risk for difficult or expensive treatment. A variation of skimming is the practice of providing only those services that are most favorably reimbursed by payers.
A practice by a healthcare organization which attempts to ensure, by a wide variety of practices and processes, that the most healthy, least difficult, lower risk, and/or least expensive to treat are enrolled within the MCO as a means of controlling costs.
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The diversion of water from a stream or conduit by a shallow overflow used to avoid diversion of sand, silt, or other debris carried as bottom load.
failure to declare income in order to avoid paying taxes on it
Another word for plastering or rendering.
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The act of one who skims.
the act of brushing against while passing