Definitions for "singles"
a great film
Singles (1992) is a film set in Seattle, written and directed by Cameron Crowe.
Singles is a compilation album by The Smiths, pitched as a compilation of previously issued singles. It was released in February, 1995 by the new owner of their back catalogue, WEA (Sire Records in the United States). Its highest British chart position was #5; it did not chart in the U.S.
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The simplest type of bet. Also known as STRAIGHT-UP betting. This is a bet on a particular event happening - for example, Pat Rafter to beat Marcel Rios in a tennis match.
One-on-one tennis. The middle of the court marked by the junction of the center service line and the service lines.
tennis played with one person on each side
For unmarried persons, or catering especially to unmarried persons; as, a singles bar; a singles party.
A state of being solitary or without another, solo or by one self. Not connected to another in a romantic relationship. Also the first part of any phrase that indicates a place, event or time where people gather in an effort to no longer be single as in singles bar, singles night, etc.
Australian English for tubular tyres, which have the inner tube permanently stitched inside the casing, and are glued to special rims. Singles take very high pressure (up to 10 bar) and offer the least rollling resistance and lowest weight. However, they are difficult to replace and repair and are very expensive. See also tub.[ edit
One player playing against another player.
A match between two players.
badminton played with one person on each side
Tractor towing a semi trailer. The trailer length can be up to 15 m. Proposals for longer trailers have been made. The SINGLE is favored because of its stability and proven performance record. A long single is however not suitable for routes with sharp curves because of its off-tracking characteristics.
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targets are shot at by shooters standing 16 yards from the trap. One shot fired at each target.
This is the count of the number of people who contributed one and only one message to the newsgroup in the time period selected. Sometimes referred to as drive-by posters.
One yarn.
A term used to indicate the diameter of a yarn; the smaller the number, the thicker the yarn.
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A thread produced by one unit of a spinning machine or of a silk reel.
a computer friend and dating referral service
a popular and well-designed dating site covering the California online dating community
This refers to a transaction that consists of one coupon and one check. A Single transaction can be a full payment or a partial payment.
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Competition between two individuals.
Records that have only been purchased once from a particular company. Compare to multis.
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See Single, n., 2.