Definitions for "Simile"
A word or phrase by which anything is likened, in one or more of its aspects, to something else; a similitude; a poetical or imaginative comparison.
A simile is a figure of speech in which the word like or as is used to make a comparison between two basically unlike ideas.
a trope; a comparison between two dissimilar things.
Win32/Simile (also known as Etap) is a metamorphic computer virus written in assembly language for Microsoft Windows. The virus was released in the most recent version in early March 2002. It was written by the virus writer Mental Driller.
(Italian), "same." Continue in the same manner.
(''It.'') – "similarly" – Instructs the musician to continue applying the preceding directive, whatever it was, to the following passage.
An indication to continue in the same manner.
a statement in the form "X is like Y", or some grammatical equivalent
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First, go to the Web for a definition. See green book for an example (456t) or see under "Poetry Terms and Examples."
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a form of reflection, but excitement is of the moment when there is no time to reflect
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a statement where you say one object is similar to another object
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( simile) Same as indicated previously