Definitions for "Silk"
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The fine, soft thread produced by various species of caterpillars in forming the cocoons within which the worm is inclosed during the pupa state, especially that produced by the larvæ of Bombyx mori.
Hence, thread spun, or cloth woven, from the above-named material.
The most expensive and rich wedding dresses fabric; there are several different textures, but most are smooth, glossy and sleek.
Silk is the film adaptation of Italian author Alessandro Baricco's novel of the same name. It will be released in 2007 through New Line Cinema, directed by the Red Violin director, Francois Girard. The American actor Michael Pitt will star in the lead role of the French silkworm smuggler Hervé Joncour and the British actress Keira Knightley will appear as the Hélène, wife of Hervé.
Silk is a 1996 novel by Italian writer Alessandro Baricco. It was translated into English in 1997 by Guido Waldman.
Naval The sailor's black silk "handkerchief" worn round the throat, is of far great antiquity than as a sign of mourning for Lord Nelson. Originally it was worn in action either round the brow to prevent sweat running into the eyes, or as a general purpose sweat rage, or as a pad to cushion the body against hard knocks or chafe. Commonly known as a "Silk", it was a square of black silk 36" square, worn with two diagonally opposite corners knotted together (the knot being worn at the back of the neck beneath the collar, and bight (known as a "Duff Bag") being secured in the tapes of the jumper), so that a drowning man's rescuer would have an efficient handgrip.
A handkerchief you wouldn't want to blow your nose on.
an advocate of proven experience and skill, who after at least ten years of practice is appointed by the President of South Africa as a senior consultus (SC)
A Queen's Council (Q.C.), so called because he/she is entitled to wear silk robes. See also Q.C. above.
Queens Counsel, a senior barrister sometimes referred to as a leader or leading counsel
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Prince Kheldar. aka Radek of Boktor, Amber of Koto, The Guide.
produced by silk glands, released through spinnerets, consists of protein; liquid within the spigots of spinnerets turns into solid strands by the mechanical force of pulling; different types of silk are used for or during various activities (ie: dragline, egg sac, web, retreat, mating, etc.)
That which resembles silk, as the filiform styles of the female flower of maize.
The stigma and style of the female flowers, through which pollen tube, grows to reach the embryosac.
A series of gaseous or crystalline inclusions found in corundum (ruby and sapphire) and forming a kind of veil that sometimes prevents the light from reflecting. One the smooth surface of a cabochon cut stone, such as starstones, these silks create an optical effect.
Silk is a brand of soy milk introduced in 1996. It is distributed by White Wave Foods, which is a subsidiary of Dean Foods, the distributor of most milk in the United States. The name "Silk" is a portmanteau of the words soy and milk.
A cross grain pattern often seen in quartersawn spruce.
is a very strong material made from the silkworm. If you find this material in a mattress, most likely it is a very small amount and has little effect. An all silk mattress would require a nation of silworms on steroids.
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A very pale golden peach color.
used for elegant evening bags, sometimes beading is incorporated.
A special type of diffusion filter that stretches the light in one direction.
Translucent white cloth of various sizes and shapes, used to filter and soften light.
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Silk is a five-man Urban,R&B, Pop group that formed in 1992. Where the group was formed is unknown.
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Another term for QC.