Definitions for "Silica"
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Silicon dioxide, SiO?. It constitutes ordinary quartz (also opal and tridymite), and is artifically prepared as a very fine, white, tasteless, inodorous powder.
a form of silicon that occurs as quartz sand in Florida scrub.
Absorbent, anti-caking, abrasive.
(Si) - Used by photoplankton diatoms. Measured in mg/L or ppm.
a white or colorless chemical compound and nutrient used by diatoms to form outer shell.
A white or colourless crystalline compound which makes up the structure of a fossil.
Except in a few sections, this impurity in the boiler water is not troublesome.
an element required for the proper functioning of the enzyme prolyhydroxylase
A scale-forming element found in some boiler feedwaters.
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Fundamental component of volcanic rocks. It is the most important factor determining the fluidity of magma. The higher the silica of a magma the greater its viscosity.
Inorganic oxide occurring in nature. Used in maques for its toning properties.
In addition to the well known benefits of maintaining healthy hair, skin and nails, and for calcium absorption in the early stages of bone formation, silica is needed for flexible arteries, and plays a significant role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease.
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May be used in the filter industry to test the effectiveness of an air filter.