Definitions for "SIGNING"
An advanced security feature that verifies the sender's identity and verifies that the message hasn't been modified during transit.
Unlike a handwritten signature, which is written onto, and thus becomes part of the document to which it relates, signing electronic information is rather different. To sign a piece of information, a hash of the information is created using a hashing algorithm. The hash is then encrypted using the private key for an asymmetric algorithm. The public key certificate for the private key is appended to the encrypted hash value. These correspond to the signature on the information.
When a sender signs a message, it causes the Exchange client to "stamp" a digital signature into the originating message using one of the user's two private keys. Then, by verifying the message, a recipient can be sure of the identity of the sender and that the content has not been modified during transit. For example, this feature can prevent someone from originating a message under the guise of another identity. See also Private Key, Public Key, Verifying.
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There are 70,000 deaf people in the UK who use sign language. The Broadcasting Act 1996 requires the signing of 1% of all programmes (15 mins per day) within 1 year of launch. This must increase to 5% within 10 years. Signing is defined in British Sign Language (BSL) but there are variations which can cause confusion.
language expressed by visible hand gestures
an expression of the commitment of the various agencies and organizations to the challenging resource management project
learners who have a difficulty with speech or hearing will often use a recognised form of signing (such as Makaton, a recognised signing system for people with communication and learning difficulties), but may also have developed a more individualised signing system. It is good practice for teachers and trainers to communicate with all people who spend time with the learner to ensure a consistent approach to signs and signing.
a collector event at which Bill Younger or an area rep will sign Harbour Lights pieces. Usually held at a Harbour Lights dealer location. Beginning in 2000, regional events for Harbour Lights collectors were introduced.
a promotional activity where the author only autographs copies of his/her book for customers (usually at a bookstore)
The percentage that the SIGNED LINE bears to the WRITTEN LINE. The broker would be aware of the possibilities of overplacing a risk and would be able to mention an estimate of the signing when placing the contract. The reinsurer could then take this into consideration when judging the line to be written.
The first step in ratification of a treaty; to sign a treaty and thus to promise to adhere to the core principles in the document and to honor its spirit.
Information about type of transport, transshipment or storage.
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a bridge player
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See Manual Signing