Definitions for "SIGHT "
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The act of seeing; perception of objects by the eye; view; as, to gain sight of land.
The power of seeing; the faculty of vision, or of perceiving objects by the instrumentality of the eyes.
The state of admitting unobstructed vision; visibility; open view; region which the eye at one time surveys; space through which the power of vision extends; as, an object within sight.
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The instrument of seeing; the eye.
An optical device or small piece of metal, fixed or movable, on the breech, muzzle, center, or trunnion of a gun, or on the breech and the muzzle of a rifle, pistol, etc., by means of which the eye is guided in aiming. A telescope mounted on a weapon, such as a rifle, and used for accurate aiming at distant targets is called a telescopic sight.
To apply sights to; to adjust the sights of; also, to give the proper elevation and direction to by means of a sight; as, to sight a rifle or a cannon.
A sight bill is payable on presentation to the drawee. Under a sight credit the bank should settle immediately it is satisfied with the documents (unless the sight terms of the credit are in some way modified by its contents). Banks are allowed a reasonable time to check documents.
Time of presentation, as in a draft payable "at sight" or "90 days after sight."
"Payable at sight" is synonymous with"payable on demand", i.e. payable upon presentation to the drawee.
A spectacle; a view; a show; something worth seeing.
Mental view; opinion; judgment; as, in their sight it was harmless.
A small aperture or optical device through which objects are to be seen, and by which their direction is settled or ascertained; -- used on surveying instruments; as, the sight of a quadrant.
SIGHT is a code generator set to create a user-defined system of Web robots, realising arbitrary workflow. It generates Web robots that can be based on Stalker algorithm, HTML structure, etc. This task is frequent in bioinformatics.
To get sight of; to see; as, to sight land; to sight a wreck.
To look at through a sight; to see accurately; as, to sight an object, as a star.
ability to see or fact of seeing D owed P a duty of care not to cause him psychiatric injury by exposing him to the sight of the victim's injuries. sighted (adj) see (v)
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a small, "boutique" laser center located in west Los Angeles
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Inspection; examination; as, a letter intended for the sight of only one person.
(often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent; "a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "it must have cost plenty"
In a drawing, picture, etc., that part of the surface, as of paper or canvas, which is within the frame or the border or margin. In a frame or the like, the open space, the opening.
Sight (edge) refers to that part of the frame moulding nearest to the framed object.
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To call for a show of hands after tapping out.
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A great number, quantity, or sum; as, a sight of money.