Definitions for "SIF"
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In Scandinavian mythology, the grain goddess renowned for her long golden hair. Mate of the thunder god Thor.
(Norse mythology) wife of Thor and guardian of the home
(seev) [ sif affinity, the sanctity of marriage] An Asynja: Thor's wife. Her golden hair is the harvest
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Standard Interchange Format for video images of 240 lines with 352 pixels each for NTSC, and 288 lines by 352 pixels for PAL and SECAM.
stands for standard interchange format. SIF is a format which allows data to be transferred among dissimilar computer systems.
See definition for: Standard Image Format (SIF)
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Special frames used by the SMT Frame Services within the Station Management (SMT) function of an FDDI station that contain more information about the station's configuration and characteristics than the associated Neighborhood Information Frame (NIF). This information can be used to create a physical ring map that shows the position of each station in both the token path and the network topology.
Status information frame. A type of station management frame in FDDI that transmits and receives information about the configuration and operational parameters of other stations.
SONET Interoperability Forum
School Interoperability Framework
Schools Interoperability Framework
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Societa Italiana di Fisica
The State of Connecticut's Second Injury Fund.
The Solicitors Indemnity Fund, covering liability for claims made against its members.
Strategic Initiatives Fund
actor suffix (roughly equivalent to the -er suffix in English)
selective identification feature
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Signaling Information Field