Definitions for "Siding"
The covering of the outside wall of a frame house, whether made of weatherboards, vertical boarding with cleats, shingles, or the like.
A material used to cover the outside of building to make it weatherproof. Different types of siding include wood planks and shingles, imitation brick asphalt, aluminum, steel, vinyl and glass.
weatherproof material, as shingles, boards, or units of sheet metal used for surfacing the exterior walls of a farme building.
A side track, as a railroad; a turnout.
An auxiliary track located next to a main line that allows a train to move out of the way of an oncoming train. Sidings are also used to store trains or to add/subtract rail cars.
An auxiliary track for storage, servicing of industries and lineside customers, or for trains to meet each other. A parallel siding that diverges from the main and rejoins it one train length or greater is called a Passing Siding. Single ended sidings are also called Spurs.
American prototype terminology for a loop.
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The thickness of a rib or timber, measured, at right angles with its side, across the curved edge; as, a timber having a siding of ten inches.
Edging on non-fringed sides of a rug.
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See Lap Siding
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Installing Siding
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Attaching one's self to a party.