Definitions for "Sidewall"
Keywords:  tread, tire, bead, tyre, rim
The external 'walls' of a tyre between the tread and the bead or wheel rim. This area is particularly vulnerable on radial ply tyres to damage in off-road operations from oblique rubbing contact with side-swiping sharp rocks. Driver awareness essential.
Portion of a container that is normally printed or labeled.
The side of the tyre between the rim and the tread. This carries all the handling, tyre size, load index, speed rating, manufacturing data...
A term used to describe the entire composition of a building side which is parallel to the ridge.
a wall that forms the side of a structure
Roof condition where the wall connects to the lower roof.
Usually made of ABS, connecting and seals the topsheet to the edges of a board.
The high division boards between LANES at the pins end (partition between pindecks).
Keywords:  alae, nose, above
The side of the nose above the alae.
Keywords:  fuller, glove, panel, narrow, fit
Narrow panel running down index finger and/or little finger side of glove for fuller fit and rugged look.
The material on the sides of a snowboard used to protect and keep the internal layers in place.
Keywords:  skis, cap, core, along, components
The material along the sides of a ski that covers the structural and core components (see Cap Skis).
What most people refer to as wallpaper, as opposed to borders.