Definitions for "Sideboard"
A piece of dining-room furniture having compartments and shelves for keeping or displaying articles of table service.
A dining room piece designed to store linens and equipment and for the service of food. Originated in the late eighteenth century.
another word for a serving table or buffet. In the dining room this piece is often used to hold food ready for serving. It can be relatively small with a fold-out top for more surface space, or simply be long and narrow. Traditional, 19th century designs often have a brass rail around the sides and back to keep serving utensils from sliding off the top. The rail is usually called a "gallery."
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sideburn, side-whiskers
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a removable board fitted on the side of a wagon to increase its capacity
a board that forms part of the side of a bed or crib
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a set of cards which is brought to the tournament along with your deck