Definitions for "Sid"
Sid was a fictional character in the 11 November 2005 Normandy/Remembrance Day episode of the popular BBC soap opera East Enders.
Sid is a fictional ground sloth from the movie Ice Age and its sequel, Ice Age: The Meltdown.
Sid is a fictional character in the Nickelodeon animated television series Hey Arnold!. His most noticeable feature is his long nose which appears to protrude from his forehead. He is usually saying "boy howdy" as his catch-phrase.
Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance. See Daylight Fadeout.
Abbreviation for sudden ionospheric disturbance.
A file containing ripped Commodore 64 music.
Sound Interface Device. The MOS 6581 sound synthesizer chip responsible for all the audio features of the Commodore 128.
Site Identifier Source Identifier or System Identification
The SID is used during registration of the mobile station to allow it determine if it is operating in its home system or in a foreign system.
A structure of variable length that uniquely identifies a user or group on all Windows NT implementations. See also access token, impersonation token, primary token, privilege.
Solid Ink Density. This is the numerical measure of how much complementary light is absorbed by a solid patch in a color control bar as measured with a reflection densitometer, spectradensitometer or spectrophotometer.
Sid is a 2D platform action game in comic style where you have to run, jump and shoot to defeat alien attackers
A SID audio file is a program that will directly run on a computer with a SID chip (like a C64 or C128 or a WinTel box with appropriate hardware). As an audio format, it is fairly efficient. Furthermore, free SID players are available for most platforms, and there are even free SID playing plug-ins available for Netscape and compatible browsers.
Sensory Integration Disorder (a diagnosis)
Sensory Integration Disorder or Sensory Integrative Dysfunction: "an interruption in the ability to assimilate our senses into our learning environment, defined as a neurological disorder that results in inefficient organization of sensory input received by the nervous system. Children who were deprived of touch, movement, sound and other normal sensory input may exhibit overly sensitive reactions to noises, touch, taste, smells, and sight."
Number – State of Nevada criminal history number, used to track arrests, indictments and convictions for individual offenders within the Nevada criminal justice system, assigned to an individual by the Nevada Department of Public Safety upon receipt of a set of fingerprints from a Nevada public safety agency.
State Intelligence Department
Service ID: a number that defines (at the MAC sublayer) a particular mapping between a cable modem (CM) and the CMTS. The SID is used for the purpose of upstream bandwidth allocation and class-of-service management.
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Sport Information Director
Sports Information Director
An area designated by a city for improvement of city services. Bonds are sold to provide funds for the improvement, and/or special tax levies are made.
SANITARY IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT. A legal entity formed by a group of landowners to install and maintain public improvements and utilities.
SCCS delta ID--The number used to represent a specific SCCS delta.
surface-induced dissociation
Standard Instrument Departure
Giving medication once a day. Example: 60 mg SID would be giving 60 mg all at once, one time a day. (Veterinary term only)
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lime or limestone solution for removing hair from skins.
security identification.
System Identification. A five-digit number that indicates which service area the phone is in. Most carriers have one SID assigned to their service area.
See security ID.
See Shared Inquiry Discussion.
Telephony equipment controlling a terminal phone device.
School of Interior Design, 302 Church Street
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