Definitions for "sic"
Standard Industrial Classification. 4-digit codes used to categorize and uniquely identify business activities.
Standard Industry Codes used for customs classification
Signal Indicator Code
Silicon Carbide – a ceramic, III-V compound with high thermal conductivity, expected to play a significant role in high-power devices, LEDs, diodes and MESFETs.
The chemical formula for the compound Silicon Carbide
Silicone carbide. A common mechanical seal face material. A type of ceramic.
used to indicate that a quoted passage, especially one containing an error or unconventional spelling, has been retained in its original form or written intentionally.
intentionally so written (used after a printed word or phrase)
contains text reproduced although apparently incorrect or inaccurate.
SIC is "Sistema de Internet Comunitária", or Comunity Internet System. This was developed for the Proderj, the responsable area in Rio de Janeiro for the digital inclusion.
[Sic] is a jazz/fusion album released in 2005 by Austrian guitarist Alex Machacek. The album features legendary drummer Terry Bozzio.
latin term signifying a copy reads exactly as the original; indicates a possible mistake in the original.
used after a word or passage to indicate that it is intended exactly as printed, or to indicate that it exactly reproduces an original
exactly, unaltered
Swiss Interbank Clearing. Clearing ( RTGS) system of the Swiss banks for payments in Swiss franc (CHF) under supervision of the Swiss National Bank.
Student Income Contribution. The portion of the EFC that is expected from student income (if the student earns more money in a calendar year than the amount allowed under the Federal Methodology).
Self Intermittent Catheterisation. This is where the patient uses the straight catheter to empty their bladder either because they are having retention problems or are not completely emptying their bladder voluntarily This can be done several times a day as required.
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urge a dog to attack someone
Science in Context SiP - Schools in Partnership
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Staff in Charge. These are the people that lead the Event Staff throughout the Week of Welcome.
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Text-based IRC client
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ship inspection certificate
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(L), so written in the original.
typed as written
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Second In Command
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Statement of Internal Control