Definitions for "Shutter"
A movable cover or screen for a window, designed to shut out the light, to obstruct the view, or to be of some strength as a defense; a blind.
solid or slatted window cover located on building interior or exterior
a wooden or metal cover that can be unfolded in front of a window ..... return
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One who shuts or closes.
A removable cover, or a gate, for closing an aperture of any kind, as for closing the passageway for molten iron from a ladle.
A mechanical device of various forms, attached to the aperture of a camera lens for opening and closing to expose the plate. It is usually designed so that the time during which the aperture is opened may be varied by a manual dial or by some automatic mechanism, thereby allowing proper exposure of a photographic film under different intensities of light.
Accessory for a profile lantern. Metal blade which can be used to shape the edge of the beam. Shutters (normally four) are located in the gate at the centre of the lantern. Similar in effect to barndoors.
A metal plate or cutter placed at the gate of an ERS (or less commonly within an automated fixture or followspot) that allows a portion of the beam to be cut away or eliminated. See Also: Followspot Automated Fixture Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight
Metal flags used within a luminaire to shape the beam.
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A window covering a number on a reusable bingo card. The shutter can be pulled down to mark each number as it is called.
In Bingo, the name of the flap on a Bingo card used to mark each number as it is called.
The beautiful casing that encloses and renders plas balls harmless.
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Based on JPhotoAlbum, Shutter is the best program for managing all your photos. Advanced tasks such as raw processing, editing pictures, easy management and great looking interface are the project goals. Shutter also makes it easy to manage your website.
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See "Counter Grille/Shutter".
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Dog: holds shutters in an open position