Definitions for "Showers"
Precipitation, often short-lived (but may last half an hour) and heavy, falling from convective clouds. Usually begin and end suddenly.
Sparks projecting and falling back to the ground continuously. Normally only found in color wheels, novelties, and fountains.
precipitation lasting less than 1 hour. Showers can start, stop or change intensity very quickly. Note: Hail and snow pellets always fall as showers, while drizzle and snow grains never fall as showers.
Sexual practice consisting of ridding the partner's of bodily fluids. The most widely used are: Golden Showers, that is, urinating on the partner. The scientific term for this act is urophilia or ondimism. There are also sperm showers, when sperm is ejaculated between the breasts, on the stomach, the rear-end, the face, or spread out over the body. More rarely, a milk shower may be requested from a nursing woman by pressing the breasts to squirt her partner.
depositing body fluids onto a partner's body.
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The use of water streams directed at the body to stimulate. Examples are dousing, jet, fan, alternate hot and cold.
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When many meteors enter our atmosphere at once, or almost at once.