Definitions for "Showdown"
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At the end of the final betting round when player's show what hands they have to determine the winner of the pot.
Following the last betting round the players left in compare hands – the player who was called shows his hand first – the best hand wins the pot.
When the cards are turned over on the river to determine the winner.
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For the novel by Ted Dekker of the same name, see Showdown.
Showdown is a 2006 mystery novel written by Ted Dekker. It is the first in the series of the 'Project' Books.
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Showdown is a 1978 funk album released by The Isley Brothers on their T-Neck imprint. Spawning the #1 funk/disco hit, "Take Me to the Next Phase" and the top 20 R&B slower, "Groove With You", the album became another platinum album for the Isleys. Many say that this was the last seemingly great record from the 3 + 3 lineup of the group.
Showdown is a song recorded by the Electric Light Orchestra. It was the bands last contemporary recording to be released on the Harvest label.
Showdown is an Electric Light Orchestra compilation album, covering their Harvest years. It is the first in a very long line of Electric Light Orchestra compilation albums. It is also the first time the hit single Showdown featured on an album in the UK.
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"Showdown" is the second episode of the fourth season of . It first aired on September 12th, 1995. Written by Kevin Altieri, Paul Dini, and Bruce Timm and directed by Kevin Altieri.
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The Showdown is a term used to refer to the derby match between local rivals the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power in the sport of Australian rules football in the Australian Football League.
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a hostile disagreement face-to-face
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a step up from Bulls vs