Definitions for "Showcase"
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Showcases are the performances that individual artists or agents/managers produce in order for presenter delegates to view talent. Arts Presenters does not jury, curate or produce showcase events for members (unlike some other booking conferences). It is up to each individual artist or artist manager/agent to organize their own showcases. Arts Presenters only involvement is that we you're your showcase information in our conference materials for a nominal fee. Please visit Showcase FAQs for help with this process.
A platform for local talents. View page
a demonstration of a new way of doing business without a previous commitment to accept the change
an exciting event where teachers get to highlight the accomplishments of their students and for student couples to strut their stuff
an outstanding soccer event following in the tradition of previous Penns Forest Tournaments
Showcase is an easy to use, web based framework for developing and exhibiting your presentations using WYSIWYG-editing and dynamic and animated displaying.
a performance or exhibit highlighting the work of a performer or group of
a setting or framework used to exhibit wares for sale
General term for glazed or framed enclosure to display objects.
Illuminated display counter that provides the controlled sale of smaller items; a showcase compels the customer to be serviced. Ex: jewelry case; cosmetic counter. Photo Photo
a setting in which something can be displayed to best effect; "it was a showcase for democracy in Africa"
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a short demo presentation, sponsored by you and featuring you
Showcase has been the title of several anthology series published by DC Comics. The general theme of these series has been to feature new and minor characters as a way to gauge reader interest in them, without the difficulty and risk of featuring "untested" characters in their own ongoing titles. The original series ran from 1956 to 1978.
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a great opportunity for you to connect with potential employers and fellow writers
an early evening show to which the performer invites members of the industry in the hopes of getting a recording deal
A 15 minute live performance on stage with full technical support (lights, sound).
an international film and video festival held during Indian Market to celebrate the creativity of Native cinema today
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Showcase cabinets normally have glass-fronted doors with thin wooden edges. This means there is little wood to house a lock and therefore we have a special range of showcase locks that are very slim and narrow.
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a major step toward the association will big-time sports the city craves
a limited-scope exploration of possible new ways of doing business
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a perfect show format for our product line
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a place where all of that can occur
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a year-long process