Definitions for "Shoulders"
Keywords:  kassens, slattery, todd, drunken, alan
A band from Austin, Texas whose music had been best describe as "drunken carnival music". A band much loved by the local music scene of the early nineties. The lineup included Michael Slattery, Todd Kassens, Alan Gene Williams and Chris Black.
Also known as the deltoids or (delts). To work the shoulders do seated dumbbell press, standing barbell press, side raises, or bent-over raises.
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see berm
Keywords:  gunwales, ready, boat, lift, rest
To lift the boat so that the gunwales of the boat rest on or near the shoulder. Shoulders, ready, up.
Keywords:  shank, upper, transition, blade, ring
The upper part of the ring positioned between the upper shank and the setting.
The upper part of the blade, just below the transition area.