Definitions for "Shorts"
Keywords:  gilt, redemption, seven, fewer, five
Short dated gilts with seven or fewer years to redemption date.
Short-dated Government stock ( Gilts), i.e. with a life of less than 5 years.
Market term for gilts (government securities) that have less than five years to go before repayment.
Very short pants.
(1)panties. (2)shorts. trousers.
trousers that end at or above the knee
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comedy documentary drama
a not-for-profit initiative of the SNOWYfest International Film Festival in Thredbo
Keywords:  bran, fibrous, flour, wheat, feed
A mixture of small pieces of bran and fibrous material remaining after the flour has been extracted from the wheat. It is a by- product used for animal feed.
Keywords:  underpants, plural, worn, men
(usually in the plural) underpants worn by men
Keywords:  billet, wider, longer, species, depends
This depends on the species, usually 4" and wider by 36" and longer, but sometimes 2" and wider by 12" and longer. Also called a billet.
Keywords:  speculators, sold
Speculators who have sold short
Keywords:  brief, stories, minor
Minor, brief stories.
Keywords:  reached, cars, terminal, train, final
In train service, cars or blocks of cars to be set-out before the final terminal is reached.