Definitions for "Short line"
A switch carrier or roadhaul carrier that is not a Class 1 carrier. The carrier usually owns less than one hundred miles of track.
a transportation system that operates over relatively short distances
an independent railroad company shoreline east that operates over a relatively
a line of fewer metrical feet than normal in the passage in which occurs.  It is not really a pause, since the actor is expected to fill the space of the line by acting.  Used for special emphasis.  (Examples:  1.5.9; 25, 27, 41, 53, 58, 159; 3.1.103; 3.4.83)
The back line of the service zone, 20 feet from the front wall, which divides the court into equal halves. A serve must rebound past this line to be legal.
Français : Ligne partielle, Partiel, Navette Deutsch : Linienabschnitt A route that is part of a longer route of the same line.