Definitions for "Shopping Cart "
Shopping Cart is a set of PHP scripts to manage a list of items you need to purchase at different stores. It is targeted at mobile devices with Internet access, and was developed with and for the IXI OGO, though it should work with any HTML-capable browser.
Often used in online shopping. A shopping cart is a software construct that a browser uses to remember which items a web user has selected. The concept of an online-shopping cart is analogous to its real-world counterpart commonly encountered at supermarkets. An online shopper can select items to "put" into or "remove" from their shopping carts. The entire contents of the cart can also be sent to "check-out" and the shopping order can be processed.
allows e-commerce; lets visitors to pick and choose what they want; auto-calculates shipping, sales, tax, quantities, etc., for a checkout total
a pre-written program that enables you to just add your products and your storefront is ready
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a supermarket trolley
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a handcart that holds groceries while shopping
a tool designed to sell and increase profitability
a wonderful tool - mobile, lightweight, the basket high enough to stay above the foul-smelling puddles
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a computer program that operates from the server
a series of pages that are all linked together through some sort of programming (usually PERL or JavaScript) that allows data to be transferred along with the viewer as he or she moves from page to page
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a major feature that has to be implemented in you web shop
a type of configuration experience
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Buying and selling of goods and services over the Internet
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an example of this