Definitions for "Shopping basket"
a feature of an online shop. Users can buy multiple items in one transaction. As opposed to buying items one at a time, the user can collect all items he/she wishes to purchase in the shopping basket and then proceed to checkout.
a web application which allows you to store items you are interested in, in the same way as you put things in a basket as you go around a physical store. When you have decided that you definitely want to go ahead and purchase the items in your basket, you hit check out and this takes you to an online order form. Shopping baskets need to remember who you are from one page to the next, as well as what you have in your shopping basket. This means they need to store
This is a piece of software which allows your customers to select items from your online catalogue, add them to a virtual "shopping cart" and keep track of what they have ordered. When they have finished shopping, they "check out" to complete the purchase and proceed to the payment and shipping section where payment details are taken.
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a handbasket to carry goods while shopping