Definitions for "Shooter"
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A player that has legal possession of a ball during their turn to shoot. [ More Info] See Also: Player
The player who is rolling the dices is called the shooter.
Player responsible for rolling the dice.
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One who shoots, as an archer or a gunner.
A straight shot of whiskey or other kind of spirit taken neat.
A player who tries an unusually high percentage of kill shots, a killer or a gunner.
a large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles
a game that presents lots of violent fighting and shooting and depicts the action from the perspective of the characters-players "run" down halls and across landscapes and look around, just as if they are part of the action
A game in which you may forego all buttons but whichever one means “shoot.” You won't win anyway.
One who shoots using skills such as amateur wrestling, karate, martial arts, etc.
A shooter is a professional wrestler who has a background in legitimate fighting (such as mixed martial arts), or otherwise has a reputation as a tough guy. This is based on the professional wrestling slang term shoot, meaning "real," as opposed to worked, which means "scripted" or "staged" and refers to the vast majority of events in wrestling. As such, shooters are "real" tough guys; they don't just play them on TV.
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"Shooter" is the third single from Lil Wayne's fifth studio album Tha Carter II and the second single from Robin Thicke's second studio album The Evolution of Robin Thicke. The song was also featured on the Like Father, Like Son bonus disc. The song samples the bell sound from Gang Starr’s "Mass Appeal".
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Shooter is a 2007 action film directed by Antoine Fuqua. The film is based on the novel Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter. Shooter is slated to be released on March 16, 2007.
Another nickname for the bank.
Nickname for the members of an assault team who are responsible for shooting hostiles. See also Kicker.
The accelerator pump discharge nozzle; squirts extra fuel into the throttle bore when the accelator pump circuit is pressurized by the pump piston. ‚©‚Á‚±‚¢‚¢ŒÄ‚Ñ–1/4‚3/4B yShootersz•¡”‚̉Á‘¬ƒ|ƒ“ƒv‚Ì•¬ŽËƒmƒYƒ‹B•¡”Ý‚¯‚邱‚ƂŃnƒCƒtƒ[Žž‚ɉÁ‘¬ƒ|ƒ“ƒv‚©‚ç”R—¿‚ª‹zˆø‚³‚ê‚Ä‚µ‚Ü‚¤‚Ì‚ð–hŽ~‚·‚éB
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News videographer. Some consider it a demeaning term.
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A firearm; as, a five-shooter.
Aircraft designated to employ ordnance.
The curler who is currently delivering the stone, or the stone itself.
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a chunk of ice that breaks away from the underside of the glacier and shoots up briefly above the water surface
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a position in Avalanche control
An individual that actually ignites fireworks devices at a show.
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a photographer
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A shooting star.
Someone who thinks they are better than others. Someone who is financially better off than others.
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See "Corner Man".
That which shoots.