Definitions for "Shiva"
The Creator and the Destroyer God from the Hindu Trinity.
one of the three chief gods of the Hindu pantheon, essentially a fertility god; often associated with anger and fits
Destroyer, one of three Gods together with Brahma and Vishnu
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(Hebrew): A seven-day period of formal mourning observed after the funeral of a close relative.
Hebrew word for "seven", used to refer to the seven day period of mourning which is observed after the death of a parent, sibling or child.
Seven days of mourning after the burial of a close relative (as in, "to sit shiva"). See also abelut, shloshim.
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Shiva(Telugu:శివా) (1989) is a Telugu movie starring Nagarjuna and his future wife, Amala which deals with violence and student politics inside the college campus. The movie was directed by film-maker Ram Gopal Verma who made his debut with this film. Released on 5th October, 1989 and created box office history in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu (dubbed as Udhayam).
Shiva 2006 is a Tamil dubbed version of Ram Gopal Varma's Latest movie Shiva. Starring Mohit Ahlawat and Nisha Kothari.
a known anti-spam activist and authority on Spam laws and conducts regular Webinars on Spam laws and compliance for captains of industry and communication heads
an Indian physicist, philosopher, feminist and tireless environmental activist
a writer, physicist and philosopher, and director of the New Delhi -based Research Foundation for Science Technology and Natural Resource
the pure consciousness devoid of attributes and non–manifested
Shiva, a program that manifests itself as an armored robot, was designed to eliminate rogue survivors of the Weapon X program. The robots themselves, in addition to the program, were created by Larry Hama and Marc Silvestri, in Wolverine #50. The program learns, and sends out new 'clones' of the original robot, that can't be defeated the same way twice.
Shiva is the cross-platform interactive offline forum manager. Originally aiming to work with RSDN via SOAP protocol, featured plugin system should make the clent capable of handling interaction with any boards or sources of information whatsoever.
a perfect magician, who creates the phenomenal world by means of his Cosmic spell
Prince Shiva/Empress Shiva (シヴァ・トランスバール皇子/シヴァ・トランスバール女皇) is a character from Galaxy Angel.
a type of hardcore spyware that takes over the immune system of your computer
Simulated Highways for Intelligent Vehicle Algorithms