Definitions for "shipper "
One who sends goods from one place to another not in the same city or town, esp. one who sends goods by water.
Person or company who originates a shipment and is the consignor.
The person whose household goods are being moved.
Short for "relationshipper," this is someone that wants to see a romantic relationship between two characters. For example, a "NS shipper" is someone hoping to see Nick and Sara together.
Someone who wants to see a particular relationship.
Short for "relationshipper". A person who defends a certain relationship (often with great passion). The most prominent shipper positions at Sugar Quill are, of course R/H, H/G, and R/S. We have heard tell of other, darker incomprehensible shipper positions such as H/H and H/D, and even, inexplicably, Ha/D. (See " R/H", " G/H", " RMS R/S".)
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a devoted fan, particularly toward a certain coupling
Someone who has an affinity for a specific pairing or relationship, whether conventional or non. I myself ship Spike/Angel, as you may also since you're here, but I also ship Angelus/Darla and even Spike/Anya, which is not terribly different from most fans, we all like different pairings when we're in different moods. It is okay, really, like who you like and don't flame others just because they worship a different relationship, 'kay
shipper is a utility to automate shipping of open-source project releases. It automates the tedious process of shipping a software release to several standard locations, including ibiblio, the Red Hat submission directory, and the developer's Web site. It can also post a release announcement to, via freshmeat-submit.
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See prepack.
a company in the business of shipping freight
This is the freight forwarding shipper with whom you are working.
The person or firm by whom articles are shipped.
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A greyhound whose previous race was not run at the local track
a horse (shipping in) whose most recent start was run at a different track than today's track
Display stand, generally made out of cardboard, sold to trades as a package complete with the product it advertises.
Organization responsible for the packaging and shipping of a commodity.
This statement is generated by a seller of scrap metal when the scrap is removed from the seller's location. In most cases, a G-4 general description of the scrap metal is recorded on the shipper.
Term used to describe an exporter (usually the seller).
Term used to describe an exporter (usually a manufacturing company).
a person that supports a specific ship
a person who supports a particular couple on a show
You, the person moving.
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Vendors or Buying Agents
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See Carrier.