Definitions for "shim "
Keywords:  wedge, spacer, tapered, plumb, thin
A thin piece of metal placed between two parts to make a fit.
A thin strip of wood, sometimes wedge-shaped, for leveling wood members, especially door frames.
A piece of steel used to level base plates or square beams.
Keywords:  lbm, pnm, xpm, xcf, fullscreen
shim is a small shell based utility to display images in a variety of formats. It has a few features, such as slideshow, saving to a file, rotating, zooming, and fullscreen display. It needs the SDL and SDL_image libraries. Depending on your SDL_image library, it will support the following formats: PNG, LBM, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PCX, TGA, BMP, PNM, XPM, and XCF.
Used in the SSCLI source code to refer to the .NET Framework startup code used to bootstrap some version of the .NET Framework via the system loader on Windows systems. In the Shared Source CLI, the clix application launcher program is used to load PE images rather than the shim.
Keywords:  tillage, plow, sticker, shallow, clear
A kind of shallow plow used in tillage to break the ground, and clear it of weeds.
a clear plastic sticker you can place on the back side of your die
Keywords:  amd, cooler
a must with an AMD cooler
Keywords:  washer, bushings, filler, axles, gears
small metal washer-like object located on the axles of the main gears. It sits between the gear and the bushings and acts as a "filler" to prevent too much lateral movement or "play" in the gears. Available in several sizes: 0.13mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm
a perfectly sound engineering solution to variations in balance staffs and the placement of the jewel settings, but is certainly not commonly seen in mechanical watchmaking
a noncompressible material, in sheet form, that is inserted between two components that are bolted together
a building material used to even a surface prior to installing vinyl siding.
Keywords:  stencil, solder, paste, printing
Stencil for solder paste printing.
Keywords:  ipsec, stack, driver, implemented, tcp
A software component inserted at a well known interface between two other software components. "Shim" versions of IPSEC are often implemented at the device driver interface, below the host's TCP/IP network protocol stack.
A shim is a 1/4" spacing block that is used to extend a regular bracket in toward the room to allow a blind to fall without obstruction. Up to 3 shims may be used on each bracket.
a cheap investment to protect possibly an expensive investment
a good idea as well, it will prevent you from accidentally crushing the chip
Keywords:  cpu, accommodate, hole, middle, plate
a small plate with a hole in the middle to accommodate the CPU
Keywords:  quick, lose, fully, something, contact
a quick fix, but unless it's fully in contact with the surfaces above and below, you may lose something
a program which simulates a network application programming interface on top of another
a smaller stone used to balance and secure larger stones