Definitions for "Shielding"
Wrapping conductors with a metallic foil (a shield) to insulate them from interference. Shielding improves the quality of transmission.
protective coating that helps eliminate electromagnetic and radio frequency interference.
An internal barrier found within electrical hardware that reduces interference between components and allows the highest possible signal quality to be maintained as it passes through the unit. See also Magnetic Shielding.
Material with shielding properties, such as concrete or steel, used to reduce the intensity of ionizing radiation.
protection from gamma rays and Xrays by use of dense materials such as metal, concrete, or certain soils. SIGSEC-- signal security SITREP-- situation report SOP-- standing operating procedures
Material used in a radiation shield. A synonym for shield. Related to radiation shielding.
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a technique where the player with the ball positions his body between the ball and the defender.
Keeping your body between the ball and an opponent, so she can't take it away.
A technique whereby the player with the ball positions his body between the ball and his defender in order to maintain possession
A pawn or a piece being protected from frontal assault by the opposing pawn whose stop or telestop it is occupying.
Protective sheath, used in conjunction with a monitoring device, to prevent electrosurgical energy from burning a patient at an undetected site out of view of the laparoscope.
the effect by which the other electrons screen, or shield, a given electron from some of the nuclear charge
another name for screen.
Compare with penetration. Electrons in orbitals with high penetration can shield the nucleus from less penetrating electrons. Because they are closer to the nucleus on average, they repel those farther away and lessen the effective nuclear charge for the more distant electrons.
A group term for diffusers, baffles, louvers and shades.
1. Any piece of equipment which can be used to deflect blasts of water coming in one's direction. 2. The act of shielding oneself from water streams by using equipment.
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Shielding conceals the lamp and controls glare within a zone called the shielding angle. This is the maximum angle that the eye is raised above horizontal without seeing the light source beyond the shielding system.
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the act of shielding from harm
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The practice of putting up/using a shield.