Definitions for "sherpa"
A clan of people originally from Tibet who live along Nepal's mountainous eastern border with Tibet.
A tribal name for the people of Tibetan descent who live generally in the Khumbu and Solu valleys of Nepal. Sherpa was originally "shar pa", which in Tibetan means, "People from the East." Sherpas came to nepal roughly 700 years ago over the Nangpa La Pass near Mount Cho Oyu, about 10 miles west of Everest.
a member of the Himalayan people living in Nepal and Tibet who are famous for their skill as mountaineers
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High resolution commercial quality digital proof using Piazo inkjet with variable droplet technology for color match on press.
Afga colour proofing device in DTP department. Produces high-quality colour inkjet proofs.
a consortium of 25 Higher Education and other institutions that works to promote the development of institutional open-access repositories; it runs projects and manages resources, such as the RoMEO publishers' copyright listings and the JULIET research funders archiving mandates and guidelines listings.
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As garment is woven, the outside of the fabric is brushed with a wire brush to give the garment a very soft “fuzzy” feel.
sherpa is a tool for configuring and then checking system security via the shell. Written in Perl, it allows system administrators to maintain a custom database of file and directory permissions and ownership attributes as local needs dictate.
a super human that can carry impossible weights
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A type of wool that is generally used to line clothing to keep you extra warm.