Definitions for "SHEN"
a circle of rope - and because a circle has no beginning or end, it symbolizes eternity
oval shaped figure or sign, symbolic of all that the sun encircles throughout the daytime; also, sign of eternity
A loop of rope that has no beginning and no end, it symbolized eternity. The shen also seems to be a symbol of protection. It is often seen being clutched by deities in bird form, Horus the falcon, Mut the vulture. Hovering over Pharaohs head with their wings outstretched in a gesture of protection. The word shen comes from the word "shenu" which means "encircle," and in its elongated form became the cartouche which surrounded the king's name.
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Spirit - residing in the Upper Dan Tian (the third eye).
See Mind-Spirit.
Spiritual consciousness.
Scottish Homelessness Employability Network. This network was set up in Scotland to improve employment opportunities and promote employability for homeless people, particularly to ensure the mainstreaming of provision piloted under the New Futures Fund Initiative. In 2005 SHEN published a strategy entitled "Working it out: towards an employability strategy for those facing homelessness".
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Chinese for human life or for divine beings.