Definitions for "Shemoneh Esreh"
(lit., "eighteen"): the eighteen (later amended to nineteen) blessings of the Amidah prayer which form the basis of the three daily prayer services
The main section of Jewish prayers recited in a standing position (see amida) and containing 19 (yes!) "benedictions": praise to (1) God of the fathers/ patriarchs God's power and (3) holiness; prayers for (4) knowledge, (5) repentance, (6) forgiveness, (7) redemption, (8) healing sick persons, (9) agricultural prosperity, (10) ingathering the diaspora, (11) righteous judgment, (12) punishment of wicked and heretics ( birkat haminim, (13) reward of pious, (14) rebuilding Jerusalem, (15) restoration of royal house of David, (16) acceptance of prayers, (17) thanks to God, (18) restoration of Temple worship, and (19) peace.
(lit., "eighteen"): the eighteen blessings instituted to serve as the core of the prayer services recited every morning, afternoon, and evening; also known as the amidah; in the *Talmudic period, a nineteenth blessing was added to these prayers